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China Leon Won IFIA Membership Expediting the Process of Internationalization 2018.11.20

For Immediate Release                                                                              20 November, 2018



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China Leon Won IFIA Membership

Expediting the Process of Internationalization


(20 November, 2018, Hong Kong) China Leon Inspection Holding Limited (the “China Leon” or the “Company”, Stock Code: 1586.HK) is pleased to announce that the Company successfully won the membership of International Federation of Inspection Agencies (the “IFIA”), and has already been included in its membership list. Thus far China Leon is honored to be the only Chinese official membership agency of IFIA to strive to promote the fair development of the international inspection and certification industry.


Founded in the United Kingdom in 1982, IFIA is a non-profit organization alliance composed of part of inspection agencies that provide authoritative international inspection and certification services, and it is dedicated to promoting worldwide cooperation among inspection agencies, laboratories and related industries. The memberships of IFIA include the well-known international inspection companies such as SGS, BV, Intertek, TUV and UL etc. Through providing inspections and testing services, IFIA encompasses every aspect of work, which representing the industry standard across the globe.


Mr. Yang Rongbing, Executive Director and Vice chairman of China Leon stated: “With continuing efforts to evolving the Company into international, diversified and intelligent third-party quality assurance provider, China Leon has made a historic breakthrough to officially become the membership of IFIA. It laid the solid foundation for mutual recognition of inter-agency cooperation, and it achieved a remarkable milestone in promoting the internationalization of the Company. In the future, the Company will actively participate in the international market competition and cooperation, further accelerate the internationalization process, continuously improve the Company's economic value, and strive to bring greater returns to the shareholders.”


About China Leon Inspection Holding Limited

China Leon is the largest coal testing and inspection services provider in China. Through an extensive network of service centers strategically positioned primarily at major coal-trade ports in China together with new overseas service centers, the Company offers a comprehensive suite of testing and inspection services to customers in the coal industry as well as other various domestic and foreign industrial sectors, which includes (1) testing services, (2) surveying services and (3) witnessing and ancillary services. The Company is committed to developing itself into the most credible independent quality assurance service provider in the world.

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